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Safely to the destination

Social responsibility has a vital, strategic role at Mota-Engil Central Europe. One of the primary areas of corporate social responsibility in which the company is actively involved is the public campaign for the improvement of road traffic safety: “Safely to the destination!”.

The official statistics of road safety indicate that, in comparison to other European countries, Poland has one of the highest traffic accident rates. Every number and statistic represents human dramas, tragedies and suffering.


Road traffic safety depends on all of us:

  • pedestrians,
  • cyclists,
  • drivers and passengers.

We are all bound by the same Traffic Code, the rule of limited trust and caution.


In May 2010, Mota-Engil Central Europe launched a long term informational campaign: “Safely to the destination!”. The campaign is addressed to drivers, pedestrians, parents, children and cyclists, and it involves numerous initiatives organised all over Poland:

  • in schools,
  • kindergartens,
  • higher education establishments and online.


The campaign's ambassadors include, for instance, Maja Włoszczowska and Dorota Stalińska.

In the first 3 years of the campaign alone, the company has visited over 30 towns and more than 50 elementary schools throughout Poland, carrying out multimedia workshops concerning road traffic safety for over 9000 children (presentations, films, games and edutainment activities). More than 1500 bike helmets, 20,000 high visibility accessories, 2500 high visibility vests and 12,000 pieces of informational materials have been handed out. In 2013, the company also implemented a new, innovative educational programme addressed to youth aged 15–24. Constant activities related to road traffic safety also include internal initiatives related to the promotion of eco driving and defensive driving amongst the personnel.