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Mota-Engil Central Europe

About Us

Mota-Engil Central Europe is one of the largest Polish construction companies, based on 60 years of the Polish tradition of road and bridge construction, specialising in the construction of buildings, railway facilities, electrical power works, road maintenance and real estate development. The company stands out with strong commercial capacity, wide range of services and distinctive quality of professionals and services. Mota-Engil’s Central Europe achievements include the construction of hundreds of kilometres of critical Polish motorways and expressways, residential complexes, public buildings, railway or substations. Being a strong and diversified company, it is also leader in work safety and social responsbility areas. The company constantly  promotes the culture of safety among its employees and subcontractors, and is actively involved in the Agreement for Construction Safety organization. The  effort has been noticed by National Work Inspection, awarding the company’s projects each year with prestigious Safety Awards. In 2016 the organization won the prestigious award in the category: “Outstanding human capital investor”. The implemented hr and csr strategy demonstrated that Mota-Engil Central Europe is also socially responsible entity, catering to the needs of the employees and local communities. 


1997 Commencement of Mota-Engil’s activity in Poland – awarding two contracts for the construction and reconstruction of 142 bridges located at the A4 motorway, sections: Wrocław–Prądy and Prądy–Nogawczyce
1998 Mota-Engil takes over Krakowskie Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Drogowych S.A.
2000 Mota-Engil takes over Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Mostów w Lubartowie Sp. z o.o.
2004 Formation of Mota-Engil Polska S.A.
2007 Purchase of the granite quarry in Górka Sobocka
2009 Mota-Engil Polska S.A. changes its name to Mota-Engil Central Europe S.A.
2010 Purchase of Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Drogowo Mostowych in Lublin
2011 Takeover of Eltor S.A., company specializing in electrical engineering works (among other areas)

2013 Mota-Engil Central Europe joins Agreement for Construction Safety

2015 Mota-Engil Group among the world’s 100 largest construction companies

Business Areas

  •   Civil construction
  •   Road construction
  •   Bridge construction 
  •   Railways
  •   Real properties
  •   Road maintenance
  •   Mines
  •   Electrical engineering works