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Asphalt mixing plant

Mota-Engil Central Europe has a network of state of the art asphalt mixing plants. We use proven machinery provided by leading international manufacturers: 

  • AMMANN, 

Their high capacity (160–240 t/h) enables us to supply the most important road projects implemented by our company.


It is vital to us to maintain the high quality of the mixtures we produce, which determines the durability and comfort of use of the roads we construct. To achieve such quality, we make sure to select correct aggregate and admixtures when preparing the mix design and use advanced production procedures to meet the stringent demands of the production process. Our central laboratory conducts constant tests to ensure that the produced mixtures are of high quality and meet the required technical specifications.

The mixtures conform to the European standards for construction products. Owing to the implementation of Factory Production Control systems conforming to PN EN 13108 21, which entitle us to mark our products with the CE marking, we guarantee the high quality of our products.


Our mixing plants meet all environmental requirements, and, by using suitable filters, we have been able to considerably reduce the emission of gases and particulate matter into the air. Our baghouses have a particulate collection efficiency of approx. 99%, which considerably reduces the emitted pollution and the nuisance caused by the plant.

The company's plants also sell asphalt mixtures for external buyers. We offer a comprehensive services that meets the requirements of our customers.


Our offering includes the following products:

  • asphalt concrete for base courses, binder courses, levelling courses and wearing courses using paving grade bitumen and modified bitumen
  • high modulus asphalt concrete (HMAC)
  • stone mastic asphalt (SMA)
  • very thin layer asphalt concrete (BBTM)
  • mastic asphalt
  • sand asphalt
  • pre coated chippings


We can prepare mix designs for all traffic volume categories. We also conduct all necessary tests – as requested by the Client.
Contact details for matters relating to asphalt sale:
wmb@mota engil


WMB Brzezimierz (Wrocław)

WMB Jawornik

WMB Motycz (Lublin)

Brzezimierz k/Oławy

55-216 Domaniów

Mobile: +48 600 292 130

Jawornik 667
32-400 Myślenice
Phone No.: +48 12 272 34 09

Mobile: +48 600 292 130

Kozubszczyzna 58
21-030 Motycz

Mobile: +48 668 838 544



WMB Tomaszów Lubelski

WMB Kraśnik

WMB Ponin (Poznań)

Tomaszów Lubelski
Mobile: +48 668 838 544

Mobile: +48  668 838 544

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