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SHED Living Kraków officially open!

SHED Living Kraków officially open!

One of the largest private student residences in Krakow and the first SHED Living investment in Poland is officially open!


Located on 3 Maja Avenue in Krakow, we have realized a building consisting of 8 floors: seven above ground and one underground. The above-ground floors house over 560 single and double rooms, with some of them adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.


The scope of the contract included comprehensive construction from scratch, all the way to interior design


On the ground floor, you will find a communal kitchen with a dining area, meeting rooms, and a relaxation and work area. There is also an indoor gym, a yoga room, and a cinema room for the students. As part of the investment, there are also 187 parking spaces: 62 located outside the building and 125 on the underground level, where you will also find two bicycle storage rooms and a laundry room.


The facility is located not far from the Old Town, close to green areas such as Błonia, one of the largest urban meadows in Europe covering an area of 48 hectares, and Henryk Jordan Park, which offers places for sports and recreation. Additionally, the building features a distinctive white facade complemented by gray plaster decorations, with a protruding terrace at the front.