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Expansion of the KST Kraków Fast Tram line, stage II B

Country: Poland, Kraków Project value: 36585365.85 Type: Road and bridge Project status: Concluded

Scope of the investment:


Reconstruction of the road system within a 1.5 km-long section

  • construction of ul. Gromadzka,
  • expansion of ul. Prokocimska,
  • reconstruction of the intersection of ul. Wielicka with ul. Prokocimska,
  • expansion of ul. Żołnierska.


Track works along the section of 2.19 km:

  • expansion of the KST Kraków Fast Tram line with tram platforms, the pavement of which shall allow for public bus transport and priority vehicles,
  • construction of a tram traction; area control system and passenger information system,
  • construction of a traction substation with technological and indoor installations: electrical, water supply, heating and mechanical ventilation systems,


Construction of engineering facilities (600 m):

  • long bridge over the PKP railway tracks – connecting ul. Prokocimska with ul. Gromadzka and ul. Saska,


Other works:

  • construction of noise screens,
  • holding tanks,
  • rainwater pumping station,
  • drainage system,
  • lighting,
  • traffic signalling,
  • reconstruction of utilities: combined sewer system, sanitary sewage system,
  • stormwater drainage system, water supply system, gas piping, electrical power system,  telecommunication ducting, heating ducts and man-accessible sewers,
  • dismantling of the industrial building, porter’s box, tin garages and facilities impermanently affixed to the land.


Designing works including, without limitation:

  • alternative track design – replacement of the old track formation with a “quiet” green one, executed on RCC slab with anti-vibration mats – along ul. Wielicka, within the scope of the ZRID decision (permit for the execution of a road investment) and in the area of  turnouts towards the long bridge over the PKP railway tracks.
  • additional, as-built noise analysis (before the investment is handed over for use) along ul. Wielicka.



ZIKiT Kraków

Contract Value:

150 000 000 PLN / 36 585 365.85 EUR
1 EUR = 4.10


09/2013 – 09/2015